Brussels - Data centre

On the 3rd of August 2014, we entered our data centre in Diegem and Zaventem, this was made possible in cooperation with TRIVIATEL and EVONET. Together with the data centre in Hong Kong, Comptafid Benelux covers both the European and the Asian market.


Since the 3rd of August 2014, our clients can handle their personal data and all the applications in Unit 4. A virtual office is set up with our company on a secure and fast way. In this virtual office, the complete bookkeeping can be consulted but also the propositions, orders, delivery slips, packing lists, invoices, credit notes and every document related directly or indirectly with the administration.

Comptafid Benelux is one of the front-runners in terms of integrating accountancy firms at companies.


The data centre meets every norm in terms of cooling, electricity, security, fire precautions, redundancy of all communication and energy supply. A team of ten network engineers take care of all the communication and maintenance 24/7.